I'm a Senior Developer at Mighty, a digital design and technology company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Iā€™m old enough to remember dial-up internet, AIM, Netscape, blogging platforms, community file sharing, using table layouts, and needing an invite in order to join Facebook.

I'm self taught, in that, I don't have a computer science degree, but I do have a rich work history. I've also had the pleasure of collaborating with several individuals that have pushed me to grow in ways I could not imagine. Thank you all.

I started selling HTML, CSS, and JavaScript services in 2011 ā€“ the same year I reached 17,769 ft on foot via the Annapurna Circuit.

I started working with Craft CMS in 2014; and in 2018, joined Mighty, where I use it with clients like Brunswick Bowling, Grand Canyon Conservancy, and MillerKnoll.

I'm usually focused on performance, maintainability, scalability, and encouraging a small team of developers into building the best work of their lives.


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Kay and I met in 2005, started dating in late 2018, were married in early Summer 2022 and, wasting no time, welcomed our baby, Freya, in late Spring 2023.


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